Michelle Huff of Act-On: Adaptive Journeys Leverage Machine Learning to Scale Personalization for Customers

Michelle Huff of Act-On discusses machine learning and automation and how small businesses can use them to create adaptive journeys for their customers. Read more »

Jim Allen of First Data: Turning eCommerce Transactions Into Insights for Millions of SMBs

Jim Allen describes how his company is turning the many ecommerce sales happening into data for small businesses. Read more »

Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Studio

Small Business Trends' Brent Leary recorded his Microsoft Surface Studio unboxing and shows how to get it up and running from his home office. Read more »

Zoher Karu of eBay: Atlanta Falcons are Beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl Merchandise Sales

eBay sellers can't miss this interview discussing the current trends in the Super Bowl 51 merchandise sales report from eBay. Read more »

Sridhar Vembu of Zoho: Call From a $10 Customer Is as Important to Me as One From a Million-Dollar One

Zoho CEO and cofounder Sridhar Vembu says it’s as important as ever to stay true to your business mission. Check out the entire interview here. Read more »

Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot: 60 Percent of Marketers Still Don’t Measure Their Marketing in Any Way

Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot discusses how most marketing pros fail to measure marketing efforts despite the presence of simple and inexpensive tools. Read more »

Darnell Holloway of Yelp: Bad Review 33 Percent More Likely to Be Upgraded with a Quick Personalized Response

Do you know how to respond to a bad review on Yelp? Darnell Holloway, Yelp's Director of Business Outreach says that a quick and personal response is best. Read more »

Jamie Domenici of Salesforce: SMBs Can’t Rely on Excel and Email Forever to Manage Customer Relationships

Salesforce's Jamie Domenici says that CRM adoption by small businesses will rise as owners break away from older ways to manage their growing client lists. Read more »

Tony Rodoni of Salesforce: Working with SMBs, Innovators and Early Adopters of Almost Every Type of Tech

Tony Rodoni of Salesforce discusses small business technology adoption and the help small businesses provide in developing new technology. Read more »

Kevin Gibbon of Shyp: Small Online Sellers Should Focus on Customer Experience to Compete with Amazon

Kevin Gibbon of Shyp discusses how to compete with Amazon by focusing on delivering unique customer experiences along with their holiday packages. Read more »
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