Gambling is hard on finances and families

“Don’t count on winning the lottery,” is something I say a lot.  What I am trying to convey is that you need to plan for your financial future and stop hoping for... Read more »

Dads’ financial clichés deserve attention

Dads’ financial clichés deserve attention It is a father’s role to help their children become responsible adults.  In the process, many dads regularly offer their children advice in the... Read more »

Offsetting inflated gas prices

I had to fill up my gas tank this morning with an audience of children (it was my carpool day).  The kids found the shockingly high total—$58.23—to be a hot topic of... Read more »

Missing the Fix It Shops

Remember Luis and Maria Rodriguez from Sesame Street?  Whatever happened to people like them?  I don’t mean people who hang out with puppets, I mean people that fix stuff.  ... Read more »

Just when you thought you understood credit scoring

I did a fun interview recently for warning people not to obsess too much about their credit score. Here is an excerpt: "People have a... Read more »

What happens after a foreclosure?

Earlier today, I was contacted by a reporter who was working on a story about foreclosure.  MMI is HUD-approved housing counseling agency that works to educate and assist consumers facing foreclosure, so... Read more »

The basics still apply

The speakers at Saturday’s WealthCamp have very different backgrounds, yet all seemed to convey a common message at the event:  keep it simple. The sheer volume of financial information... Read more »

Looking forward to this weekend’s WealthCamp

On Saturday (May 31), I will be attending the first ever WealthCamp  in San Francisco.  WealthCamp is different than most conferences—it takes a collaborative approach by creating dialogs between a community of... Read more »

We could all use a little change

Over the years, consumers like you have taught me a lot about money and the power it holds. Through tens of thousands of letters written to me through the Advice Team, I... Read more »
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