Startup Life Cycle in One Chart

The small business startup lifecycle has three stages. Learn what they are and how to successfully navigate them and make your business stronger. Read more »

Year in Review: A Look Back at Small Business Trends in 2018

Here at Team Small Business Trends we had an amazing year. We take a look back at the year in review. Our 2018 Annual Report outlines key accomplishments and challenges we overcame. Read more »

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Small Business Trends

The Small Business Trends team wishes all our readers a Happy Holiday. Please read this personal seasons greetings from Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell. Read more »

Google Plus to Shut Down: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Reports of its demise have been confirmed. So what are your next steps? Read more »

GatherUp Answers the Question: You Have a Business Listing; Now What?

GetFiveStars has rebranded as GatherUp, a name the company's cofounder says better reflects the company's mission. GatherUp helps small businesses own their customer reviews and 'market' those reviews as a strategy to... Read more »

How Mobile Ate the Web: Join Us for an Informative Free Webinar

Sponsored Post More folks are using mobile devices to hop on the web, a change you can capitalize upon. Find out how at our free small business mobile web webinar. Read more »

5 Free and Easy Communication Options for a Remote Team

Is remote team collaboration key for your small business, but you don't have much to spend on software? Here are 5 free remote team communication tools to consider. Read more »

Association Health Plans: 10 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know

Association health plans for small business were greatly expanded in 2018 -- with greater consumer protections and ability to cross state lines. No-employee businesses are also eligible for the first time. Read more »

Do I Need a Business License for Remote Employees?

Sponsored Post If you're thinking about hiring workers who will operate from a different state than you do, here are some of the biggest remote employee compliance issues that small businesses need... Read more »

5 Secrets of Improving Your Credit Scores in Small Business Finance

Giving your credit score a boost will help you secure financing for your small business. Here are 5 tips that will help when improving your credit scores. Read more »
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