Raju Vegesna of Zoho: High School Grads Get Tuition Free Training through Zoho University – and 1800 Get Jobs with the Company

Zoho University is giving an opportunity in high-tech industries for high school grads who don't go to college. Read more »

Bryan Manning of Two Blind Brothers: Before It was a Business, It was a Mission

The Mannings' business was a mission to find a cure from the start. Read more »

Chris Halaschek of Pindrop: As Smart Speakers Rise in Popularity, Synthetic Speech and Voice Synthesis is Something We Need to be Ready For

How can small businesses prepare for the rise in voice technology? Read more »

Trends for Small Businesses to Leverage in 2019: Voice and Philanthropy

These are two things your business shouldn't ignore this year. Read more »

John Lawson of Watching Amazon: Where Does the Fault Lie When Facebook and Amazon Privately Share Data?

Do you blame Facebook or Amazon? Read more »

Grant Hill and Nzinga Shaw of the Atlanta Hawks: Inclusion and Diversity are Good for Business and Must Start at the Top of the Organization

Brent Leary sits down with Grant Hill and Nzinga Shaw of the NBA Atlanta Hawks to talk diversity in organizations. Read more »

Paul Greenberg of The 56 Group: Being Transformational in Business Goes Beyond Disruptive Technology

Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg discuss how true business transformation goes beyond innovative uses of technology in today's business environment. Read more »

Chris Connolly of Genesys: 75% of Consumers Say Humans Still Provide Most Effective Customer Service; 1 in 8 Hate Chatbots

Chris Connolly, VP of Product Marketing for Genesys, joins Brent Leary to talk about how customers prefer human customer service in the end. Read more »

John Lawson: Small Businesses Can Gain From Coming Digital Ad Spending Transition From Google to Amazon

John Lawson joins Brent Leary to talk about the increasing trend of advertising on Amazon and what impact this shift might have on small businesses. Read more »

In The News, Small Businesses Gear Up for Black Friday, Experts Share Tips on How to Get Ready

It's already time to start talking about the plans your small business needs to make to prepare for the upcoming Black Friday holiday. Read more »
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