76% of Employees Prefer a Designated Lunch Area, Survey Says

Something as simple as having a common space for employee lunch is enough to increase the productivity of your workforce. Read more »

46% of Small Business Owners Say Consumer Confidence the Most Important Economic Indicator

You can try to read the tea leaves on all the economic numbers you want but these are the top issues for small businesses. Read more »

Top 13 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Today (INFOGRAPHIC)

Successful entrepreneurs are always learning. Keep doing so with 13 of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs looking for motivation and insights. Read more »

Moz Acquires STAT Search Analytics to Bolster Its Marketing Solutions

Now that Moz acquired STAT Search Analytics, the company plans to improve search engine optimization and search for its customers. Read more »

FreshBooks Announces 70+ New Integrations with WordPress, Everlance and More

There are now more than 70 new FreshBooks apps and integrations to help you have the tools you need to keep growing your business at every single stage. Read more »

Xerox Makes Targets Small Business Market by Updating App Gallery for Smart Devices

Xerox App Gallery has some new integrations with some of the leading applications in the marketplace to streamline common business processes. Read more »

10 Examples of Cybersecurity Jargon Translated for Small Business Owners (INFOGRAPHIC)

You might have a better chance of figuring out just what the heck people are talking about regarding if you understood these cybersecurity terms. Read more »

Microsoft Office 2019 Is Now Available – With Potential Features for Small Businesses

Microsoft Office 2019 is now available with enhanced security and streamlined administration in addition to the go-to applications. Read more »

91% of Women Employees Believe Business Owners Should Pay More, Offer Better Benefits

New Pew Research on Women and Leadership information shows that women pretty much want what men want from their employment. Read more »

It Takes 191 Days for a Company to Realize There’s Been a Data Breach, Report Says

This infographic reveals shocking cybersecurity facts and data breach statistics that show how a breach is such a big threat to your small business. Read more »
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