Wix Launches Products Allowing Small Businesses to Connect More Directly with Customers

Wix Ascend helps SMBs directly connect with customers with new tools such as SEO, price quotes, marketing, and live chat with customers. Read more »

Free Shipping, Smooth Shopping Experience Led to Spikes in Spending Cyber Monday

The 2018 early holiday shopping results are in and the $6 billion tally for Cyber Monday 2018 is the highest single day for digital spend ever. Read more »

How to Build an iOS App for Your Business

Wondering how to build an iOS app for your small business? This infographic maps out some planning steps you need to take. Read more »

LinkedIn Pages Relaunched with New Features for Businesses

LinkedIn Pages is the recently introduced “next generation” of LinkedIn Company Pages. Here's what they're all about and how you can make them work for you. Read more »

Business Accounts Payable Fraud On the Rise Nationwide, Study Shows

Accounts payable fraud is becoming more common. Is your small business at risk of being a victim? Here's how to protect yourself. Read more »

Could Your Small Business Use an Autonomous, Wireless Underwater Drone?

The iBubble underwater drone now captures your experience hands-free and underwater. What can your small business do with this tool? Read more »

PayPal Acquires Hyperwallet with Focus on Ecommerce Businesses

Now that PayPal has purchased Hyperwallet, they've addressed the growing need for small businesses to make and take global payments. Read more »

Cracking the Code on Generation Z Employees and Customers

The latest generation to enter the workforce has a unique way of dealing with their own financial woes. These are the Gen Z financial worries. Read more »

Oracle NetSuite Debuts New Enhancements to Help Businesses Grow

These newly announced Oracle NetSuite innovations add new commerce, global tax management, and analytics to help your business grow and scale. Read more »

87% of Small Business Employees Having More Fun than Big Business Workers

Fun at work? That's what small business WORKERS are saying they're having in their responses to Aflac's 2018 small business happiness survey. Read more »
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