ZS PRIZE jury member Vinita Bali says healthcare innovations must be differentiated, decentralized

ZS PRIZE jury member Vinita Bali, who is the former MD and CEO of Britannia, emphasizes the need for innovations in healthcare to be differentiated, meaningful, and relevant, and carried out in a decentralized way where the problem arises to ensure the intervention will have the highest value in the form of enabling better patient outcomes. To provide a decent quality of healthcare to 1.4 billion Indians, healthcare must be tackled, not only at the medical level, but also at the nutrition level, says Bali, while highlighting that many of the lifestyle diseases that we see today are the result of a lack of access, availability, and knowledge of nutritious food. Speaking about the ZS PRIZE tech healthcare challenge, Bali says solving India’s healthcare challenges requires the comprehensive effort of the whole ecosystem, from what we grow to where we grow it, what price we sell it at, how it gets marketed to consumers, what are the formulations and regulatory practices? Bali is a member of the august jury panel of ZS PRIZE, an initiative by global management consulting and tech firm ZS to recognise and celebrate tech-enabled healthcare innovations solving for India.

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