LinkedIn Pages Relaunched with New Features for Businesses

LinkedIn Pages is the recently introduced “next generation” of LinkedIn Company Pages. Here's what they're all about and how you can make them work for you. Read more »

11 Unusual LinkedIn Hacks Used by the Pros

11 LinkedIn experts share their best LinkedIn hacks to help you amp up your LinkedIn marketing game and get the results you want. Read more »

Data Shows LinkedIn’s Value as a Networking, Branding Tool (INFOGRAPHIC)

To know more about LinkedIn’s rise, as well as the new features it offers to small businesses, check out the LinkedIn statistics in this infographic. Read more »

Take Advantage of LinkedIn for Sales, Read These 4 Tips

Knowing how to navigate through LinkedIn and utilize its advanced settings can make the process of finding LinkedIn leads easier. Read more »

Facebook is the Most Popular Social Media Site for B2C Small Businesses, Survey Says

What are the most popular social sites for business? That answer and more from a new survey that reveals how businesses use social media for marketing. Read more »

How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn, a Small Business Owner’s Guide

Need to know how to post jobs on LinkedIn? The steps are actually quite straightforward and we've laid them out for you after the jump. Read more »

Business Networking Platform LinkedIn Adds New Multiple Photos and Sharing Enhancements

The August 2017 LinkedIn changes include new features that allow you to add multiple photos to a post and share your work in different ways. Read more »

What is LinkedIn Matched Audiences And How Can You Use It to Target Your Customers?

The new LinkedIn Matched Audiences feature is a set of targeting capabilities that will enable advertisers to combine LinkedIn’s data with their own. Read more »

One in 10 LinkedIn Profiles is a Complete Lie, Study Finds

LinkedIn is a good place to find candidates for an open position at your company, but you should be aware of the high rate of LinkedIn profile lies. Read more »

LinkedIn Reaches 500 Million User Mark; 9 Million Businesses Use Site

As the site continues to lead the professional sector of social media with new business features, LinkedIn reaches the 500 million user mark. Read more »
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