Are you a chronic underspender?

Some financial problems are easy to understand. More debt than you can handle? That’s a problem. Spend more than you earn? Definitely a problem. Falling behind on your payments? Problematic. But some problems... Read more »

Four things you don’t know about the business of credit reporting

Recently, the three largest credit reporting agencies agreed to make some changes to their policies and procedures following an investigation by the attorneys general of 31 different states. In response to this story,... Read more »

Service members to receive $60 million in student loan refunds

Back in May of 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) reached a settlement with Navient Corp., a student loan servicer that was formerly a part of Sallie Mae. Navient had been accused of... Read more »

17 apps that will save you time, money, and sanity

  The following is presented for informational purposes only. Money Management International is not affiliated with any of the products referenced. To say that phones have evolved in the last 20 years is an... Read more »

Seven ways technology is reforming personal finance

Technology has already deeply and forever altered the way that we communicate with one another. It’s changed the way we consume entertainment and news. It’s even changed the way news itself is... Read more »

Credit reporting agencies agree to major changes

  If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have your identity stolen or simply had incorrect information listed on your credit report and found the response from the major credit reporting bureaus to... Read more »

Seven mind tricks stores like to play and how to avoid them

  All stores of all types have roughly the same purpose – to sell products and make money. To achieve that end they need consumers walking into their store and then buying things;... Read more »

Should I settle my debt?

  Have a question? Ask the Experts and your question may be featured in a future blog post. As always, the responses provided here are for informational purposes only and are not intended... Read more »

Nine basic financial skills no young adult should leave home without

  Money Matters on Campus is a study of the financial knowledge of new college students across the country. Over 40,000 college students (91 percent of which were first year students) were surveyed... Read more »

Keep your wallet slim and your bank account fat

All wallets are beautiful, in their own special, unique way. And I’m certainly not trying to body shame your billfold. But if your preferred money holder has lost some of its more... Read more »
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