How to Focus on Quality over Quantity with Social Media

Being on every social media platform might hurt your business. Here is why you should choose social media platforms carefully. Read more »

LinkedIn Pages Relaunched with New Features for Businesses

LinkedIn Pages is the recently introduced “next generation” of LinkedIn Company Pages. Here's what they're all about and how you can make them work for you. Read more »

Pew Research Provides Important Data for Small Businesses about Marketing on YouTube

2018 YouTube stats from the latest Pew Research study shows that the platform has become a valuable learning platform for many Americans. Read more »

New Looping Video App Planned from the Creator of Vine, Could Your Business Benefit?

The founder of Vine is finally launching a Vine 2 app to replace the once popular service, and the new incarnation will be called byte. Read more »

How to Use New Changes Coming to Facebook Messenger to Benefit your Small Business

If you are a Facebook Admin, take a look at the changes coming to the messaging platform. Read more »

Businesses Will Find Bigger Audiences on YouTube and Instagram in 2018 Than in 2017

The latest 2018 social media statistics show that YouTube and Instagram are being used more than last year by users. Come take a look at the other numbers. Read more »

Facebook Seeks Acquisition of Cybersecurity Firm, Will This Make Your Business Page Safer?

In a move to address flailing trust in Facebook cybersecurity, the social media giant is considering the purchase of a large security company. Read more »

Thinking About Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Your Business? Here are 12 You Can Clone

Next time you're looking to change-up your customer service features, check out these ready-made Facebook messenger chatbots. Read more »

Shoppable Ads Give Ecommerce Businesses a New Way to Promote on Snapchat

The new Snapchat Shoppable Ads will let users go directly to your site/store and browse or make a purchase from your ads on the social media platform. Read more »

Social Media for Small Businesses: Why Cross-Channel Engagement is Vital

Sponsored Post Cross-channel engagement helps your customers along their journey more efficiently, prevents wasted ad dollars, and creates more opportunities. Here's how. Read more »
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