Web.com Acquires Latin American Web Host to Expand Small Business Services

Web dot com acquires Donweb, a Latin American hosting service, as part off its international growth strategy to serve small businesses. Read more »

7 Ways to Automate Conversations with Your Customers

Automating conversations with customers could free you up to handle other tasks. Here are 7 approaches to customer communications management automation. Read more »

Microsoft #MSBizTips Twitter Chat Discusses Tech Upgrades for the Future

Sponsored Post The new year is a time for resolutions and changes. And as such, it could be the perfect opportunity for small business tech upgrades to improve operations. Read more »

What Is an App Builder?

If you can't afford to hire a developer to create a mobile app for your small business, then a do-it-yourself app builder just may be the right way to go. Read more »

Got an iPhone 6 Plus with ‘Touch Disease’? Apple Launches Program to Help Fix That

If you need the iPhone 6 Plus touch disease fix, Apple has launched a program to help owners of the devices find help for this frustrating defect. Read more »

What Is Doxxing and Is It a Threat to Your Small Business?

What is Doxxing and how can it impact your small business security? Here are the details and the ways this practice can lead to many types of assaults. Read more »

This Robotic Dog Could Soon Deliver Packages (Watch)

In this real-world technology transfer example, we wonder whether Boston Scientific's new Spot Mini robot will change the delivery game. Read more »

Move Over Keurig, Spinn Has A New Coffee Solution for The Office

The Spinn coffee maker could end up replacing the Keurig -- or that hot plate -- in your small business office break room. Read more »

What Changing Airline Phone Policies Can Teach You About Customer Experience (Watch)

In this customer experience example, airlines will soon need to disclose whether passengers can make calls via WiFi in-flight. Which will customers choose? Read more »

Uber’s New Guidelines Highlight Issues With Sharing Economy (Watch)

New rules from Uber address not only the behavior of drivers but passengers, too. It's an interesting example of what makes the sharing economy work. Read more »
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